Conditions for Admission and Required Documents – Islamic Universtiy of Madinah

All praise is due to Allah Lord of the worlds, and may the Salaat and the Salaam be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions.

The following conditions of admission and required documents are taken from the official application form for the Islamic University of Madinah.

Conditions of Admission:

  1. An applicant must be a holder of the general certificate of secondary education [high school diploma] or its equivalent obtained from any of the kingdom’s secondary schools, or from abroad.
  2. Not more than 5 years should have passed since the applicant obtained the general certificate of secondary education or its equivalent.
  3. An applicant should get the approval of his employer in case he is working with the government or in the private sector. [This is generally not requested from the applicant, however, in the case that it is, a memo indicating your notice of terminating employment from your employer should be sufficient]
  4. An applicant should not have been dismissed from another university on disciplinary or educational grounds.
  5. An applicant should not exceed the age of 25 years.
  6. An applicant seeking admission to the Faculty of Qur’an should have memorized the entire Qur’an.

An applicant must present the following documents with his application, as indicated on the official application form:

Required Documents:

  1. A copy of the high school diploma. [For those residing in North America, a GED is also accepted. For those residing in Europe, a GCE/A Levels is accepted. Please note that those who do not possess a high school diploma/GED/GCE/A Levels at the time of application, are considered for admission to the Thanawiyyah (high school/secondary) branch of the University. This is a pre-university stage that one would join after completing the two (2) year Arabic program, and it lasts three (3) years, after which one would join one of the faculties of the University]
  2. A copy of the high school transcript. [also known as grades report/report card/mark sheet]
  3. A certificate bearing witness to the good character and religious practice of the applicant from a reliable source. [This is known as a tazkiyyah, you may acquire one from the Imam of your local mosque or from most reputable callers to Islam (du’aat)]
  4. A copy of the birth certificate.
  5. A medical certificate from a reliable source, testifying that the applicant is physically fit, with good eyesight, and is free from any infectious diseases. [Basically conduct a physical check-up at the doctors and get him to write a letter on his official letterhead that you are free of any infectious diseases and are in good health]
  6. Six recent passport-size photographs (4×6) and a copy of the passport. [A copy of the front page containing the picture]
  7. A letter of introduction issued by an Islamic institution in the applicant’s country of residence, or by two Muslim personalities well known to the University testifying that the applicant practises religious devotions regularly, and adheres to high Islamic morals. [This is the same as #3, so if you are able to acquire two tazkiyas from Imams from the masjids in your area or from the du’aat in your community, it will suffice inshaAllah]
  8. Letter of approval (no objection letter) from your government. [Canadians please click here Americans click here]

Note: Some instructions for these required documents have been provided by the University as indicated on the official application form:

  1. A certified Arabic translation of all documents should be provided by the applicant in case these documents are written in a language other than Arabic. [Try to attain the help of people competent in both Arabic and English in translating your high school diploma and transcript into the Arabic language. For those residing in or around the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) in Canada, click here. At the very least write on the top of the copy of your high school diploma and transcript what the document is in Arabic. Same with the copy of the birth certificate and the medical letter. You may ask your local mosque/Islamic center to stamp the Arabic translated documents in order to “certify” them. The tazkiyas should be in Arabic]
  2. All documents presented to the University should be attested by the foreign ministry of the applicant’s country. [Contact the foreign ministry of your respective country and ask them about the procedure to get your high school diploma and transcript authenticated/certified. For those from Canada wishing to authenticate their Canadian educational documents, click here. For those in the States wishing to authenticate their American educational documents, click here]   

Among the numerous benefits and advantages offered to the University students are the following:

Benefits and Advantages:

  1. Paid airline tickets to accepted students for their introductory arrival, and upon the completion of their studies. 
  2. Paid round-trip airline tickets annually for students wishing to travel to their home countries at the end of the academic year [in the summer holidays], according to University regulations.
  3. A monthly stipend is paid to each student, the amount of which is determined according to the educational stage he is enrolled in. [840 Saudi Riyals for those enrolled in University-level studies]
  4. Free furnished accomodation is provided to single students. [You will share a room with other students, some 4 to a room, and some 2 to a room]
  5. The University restaurant offers meals to students at nominal prices.
  6. The University hospital provides students with medical care.
  7. The University buses carry students free of charge to the Prophet’s Mosque after Asr prayer, and take them back to the University campus after Isha prayer.

Allah is the granter of Success and may the Salaat and the Salaam be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions.


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